Discover Our Capabilities

High Precision CNC Milling

9 in total
Vertical and Horizontal
Smallest machine travel X750 x Y630 x Z630  45,000 RPM Spindle
Largest machine travel X3000 x Y1600 x Z1300  4,000 RPM Spindle

High Precision CNC and NC Turning

CNC Ø360 x 700 Turn/Mill/Drill 5 axis with Bar Feeder
NC Ø790 x 280NC Ø410 x 1000

Surface Grinding

Smallest machine travel X400 x Y200
Largest machine travel X1600 x Y850

Electrical Discharge Machine (EDM)

Largest machine travel X800 x Y600 x Z420

Electrical Discharge Wirecut Machine

Largest machine travel X650 x Y450 x Z420


Maximum Gantry Crane 10 Ton
Maximum Forklift 3.5 Ton

2d and 3d Design

Product Design and Development
Plastic, Silicon and diecast injection moulds
RF Moulds
Press Tools
Plastic and Glass Blow Moulds
Jigs & Fixtures

Other Capabilities

All manual type toolroom machines
Deep Hole Drilling
Hydraulic Press 10Ton
Repairs and Maintenance
Certified Welding TIG, Oxy, MIG, Stick, Powder Spray, Laser
Manufacturing Consultation
Project Management

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