Unique Overseas Tooling

Unique Overseas Tooling

In conjunction with our overseas counterparts, Unique Tooling has been offering high-quality, cost-effective offshore tooling options to our customers since 1997. Over that time-span we have visited, assessed, and worked with a number of suppliers to ensure that our offshore builds carry the same level of quality that our customers have come to expect from our domestic built tooling.

Why is it cheaper to manufacture in China?

  • Wages are about well below the Western world. Additionally, the Chinese government is strategically keeping the exchange rate of it’s currency low, to encourage growth in manufacture and export.
  • Currency Value: The Government of China has pegged its currency at an artificially low rate against the US dollar, making it possible for China to manufacture and export product cheaper than anybody else.

Will service standards be the same as manufacturing locally?

We utilise all the advantages that China has to offer and with the addition best western management skills, hence we can even outperform many other companies in China. Our project and quality assurance management systems ensure tooling can be manufactured to the agreed standards.

How will the production time compare to manufacturing locally?

Project lead time will be quoted up front in order for you to make an informed decision about the manufacturing location.

Western/Chinese Technology – a winning combination!

Unique Engineering Group can manufacture your product in China, using western technology, in many instances using western materials, and under western manufacturing quality standards.

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