Machine uptime improved with proper tooling maintenance

Machine uptime improved with proper tooling maintenance

Proper tooling maintenance is critical to produce high quality parts, increase machine uptime and extend tool life.

Preventive maintenance is essential for systematic care and protection of tools, equipment and machines in order to keep them in a safe, usable condition, limit downtime and extend productivity.

Many workplaces have a difficult time starting and maintaining a tooling management program.

Here are a few tips for your Tooling Maintenance Program:

  1. Create individual files for each set of tooling in your shop/factory. These files contain all the necessary information required to maintain your tooling in top condition such as specifications, rework costings and history and inspection reports.
  2. Schedule regular inspections by qualified staff.
  3. Flag tooling requiring maintenance for immediate attention
  4. Book Maintenance with a reputable Tooling Service Agent

Companies that have established such a program have accurate control over their tooling costs and needs. They are able to predict tooling wear and schedule rework and production accordingly.

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About Graham Dickson

Graham Dickson has been involved in the design and manufacture of tooling for the plastics industry for the past 35 years. He has extensive experience in the design, manufacture, and purchase of tooling for the plastics industry from local and overseas markets.