Plastic Product Manufacturing

Plastic Product Manufacturing

We manufacture a wide range of commercial plastic products used in the Australian market including products for mining, medical, electronics, food packaging, cable reels, engineering, white goods, and general manufacturing.

Not sure where to start?

Designing plastic parts is a complex task involving many factors that address a list of requirements of the application. “How is the part to be used?” “How does it fit to other parts in the assembly?” “What loads will it experience in use?” In addition to functional and structural issues, processing issues play a large role in the design of an injection molded plastic part.

Design Service

We offer complete in house design from concept stage through to tooling fabrication and final product manufacturing. Our design specialists can help you achieve a technically sound design that can be produced at an economic cost.

Experienced staff can help with any part of the design and planning phase be it selection of materials, choosing a suitable production process or strength calculation.

Our quality assurance process ensures that designs are successfully molded and manufactured.

Cost Analysis

With facilities both in Australia and offshore, we can provide cost effective solutions to suit your requirements.

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