Cable Spools

Cable Spools

Our cable spool division Uniplas Mouldings, specialises in the manufacture of industrial spools for electrical cables and a range of other applications using quality recycled materials. We have been reliably and consistently supplying the Australian and export market with high quality cable spools for over 15 years.

We use a unique raw material blend to provide customers with the highest quality product – a specific blend of polypropylene recycled material. This blend of resins results in the highest industry product stability and robust in use service.

At Uniplas Mouldings there is a strong understanding of the importance of the consistency and quality in the spools used, because of the highly integrated manufacturing process employed by our customers.

Our cable spools products are fixed and collapsible which are used for reeling electrical cable, and other products. For more information on our cable spool range please visit our products page.

For more information contact us today and talk to our experienced team about your cable spool needs.