About Us

About Us

Innovations in Manufacturing.

Our philosophy is to keep at the industry forefront using worlds best practice and to foster a support structure for our customers across the entire group of businesses.

Our goal is to provide world-class engineered solutions for the Mining, Transport, Construction and Manufacturing Industries.

Our aim is to become your trusted partner, through using worlds best practice in safety, design, project delivery and client services.

Company Units

Unique Tooling

Unique Tooling is focused on the world class design, manufacture and maintenance of all kinds of high class, plastic injection moulds, die casting, jigs & fixtures, special purpose machines and other associated engineering equipment used for short runs to long life high production tooling. We can supply tooling from both local and offshore manufacturing facilities.

The Company has a long history in tooling manufacture, it’s name reflecting the direction of the company since inception.

Over the past 30 years, the company foreshadowed the emergence of computerised machinery and has channeled its resources towards the acquisition of state of the art CNC equipment from all over the world to assist in the manufacturing process.

The Company has evolved from being strictly injection moulding tooling orientated, to a business specialising in precision engineered components on a much larger scale and volume. Customers are now based as far as Perth and Queensland nationally and exports to U.S.A, Japan, and New Zealand have evolved through the growth of the company’s reputation for its quality of product and engineering design.

We employ highly skilled and qualified trades people with associated ancillary staff and is a well-respected member of the business community. Staff training is a priority at Unique Tooling with the indenturing of new apprentices every year and recently recruiting overseas personnel for specific trades based requirements.

Unique Engineering Machining

Specialises in CAD Designing and or CNC Machining of parts for a wide range of applications. Such as Defence, Mining, Transport and General Engineering applications.

Unique Overseas Tooling

Supply of tooling from off shore manufacturing facilities, tightly partnered with our local design, quality control, and experience. On-going tooling service and maintenance programs are also available to keep your investment efficient and economical.

Unique P.E. Fittings

Specialises in supply of large PE fabricated fittings for the Civil Engineering , Building and Construction Industries. Supply of fittings such as Junctions, Elbows, Bends and Tees in sizes from 150mm to 600mm that are used for drainage and sewer applications for StormPRO and SewerPRO piping systems.

Uniplas Mouldings International

Uniplas has the facilities to mould Plastic, Rubber, and Silicones on-site in Australia or using our offshore moulding services.